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Featuring guitarist Chris Sterberl and drummer John Homan, Project Alcazar is an instrumental duo with incredible talent and skill. On Reasons for a Decade, they attempt to cover several classical standards (i.e., "Night on Bald Mountain" redone as "Nightmare on Bald Mountain") in a rock format. Fans of Eric Johnson or Yngwie Malmsteen will probably find this very interesting, but this may simply be too ambitious for the average listener. Reasons For A Decade features a bounty of neo-classicisms from the guitar of Chris Steberl, who is joined on this release by powerhouse drummer John Homan. Steberl draws on the riffs of huge composers such as Moussorgsky, Vivaldi and Mozart, adding variations, improvisations and, of course, modern day metallic power. Songs such as "TranceMission" feature high-speed fretwork, rapid double-bass licks (courtesy of Homan) and dazzling soloing, while "Silk N Honey" breaks from the metal/neo-classical framework to offer a standard rock arrangement rich in melodicism and impressive string work. The hard rock, Satriani-esqe "Neptune Island" is also a crowd pleaser, adding another layer of variety to this fine CD. Reasons For A Decade satisfies a guitar lover's lust for playing -- Steberl is on top of his game here.