Lost In Centrailia
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Project Alcazar will be releasing their new CD in November of 2019. The CD will feature its newest members Caleb Hutslar on Keys and featuring Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder and Ron Tavalin on Bass. This release will feature the bands amped up version of Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" along side 9 other blistering instrumental songs the band has co written together.

Add your email address to our Pre-Order List and let us know if you want a Signed or Unsigned copy. If you select the Signed option, the CD will be hand signed by Chris Steberl and Mark Zonder, formerly of Fates Warning. The option to get a Signed CD and the reduced price is limited to the 1st 100 CD's. After that, Signed copies will be $20 and Unsigned copies will increase to $15. Of course being on the list does not obligate you to purchase anything.