Chasin' Voodoo

Project Alcazar - Chasin Voodoo


  1. Rio da Duvida (feat. Chris Steberl)
  2. Chasin' Voodoo (feat. Chris Steberl)
  3. Crackerjack Style (feat. Chris Steberl)
  4. Stranger Ave (feat. Chris Steberl)
  5. Cher chez moi (feat. Chris Steberl)
  6. At Any Rate (feat. Chris Steberl)
  7. City of Shadows (feat. Chris Steberl)
  8. Wait Up (feat. Chris Steberl)
  9. Saliv (feat. Chris Steberl)
  10. White Room (feat. Chris Steberl)

Album description

Columbus Ohio based progressive instrumental band featuring guitarist Chris Steberl. Released in April of 2016, Chasin' Voodoo is the full length follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Reasons For A Decade" released in 2001. The line up has changed but Guitarist Chris Steberl is still the foundation for his Project with unbelievable talent and melodic guitar prowess.

Chris Steberl - Guitar and Keyboards
Matt Cistone - Bass
Doug Bryant - Drums

Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios Grove City Ohio Engineered by Joe Viers.

Album Reviews

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you, PROJECT ALCAZAR; signed via Lion Music, hailing from the United States of America – performing Neoclassical Progressive Metal, on their 2nd sophomore album entitled, "Chasin' Voodoo".

Since 1992, PROJECT ALCAZAR has portrayed a demo entitled "Gothic Belladonna", and their debut album entitled, "Reasons For A Decade", in 2001. Fast-forward 16 years later, and now comes "Chasin' Voodoo", my first experience with the quintet. I'm surprised to acquaint myself with an instrumental endeavor…while unprecedented, I do relish a good instrumental in which values captivating musicianship with immersive instrumentation. The mastermind; Chris Steberl, the man behind this outfit, and yet while inactive for many years, the man has most certainly showed enthusiasm in developing a perfect blend of progressive feel-good grooves. I've always been clueless about Progressive Metal, yet I've always been a fan of progressing instrumental aspects in which give off a hint of flare of indifferent showmanship. Talent credentials are due for enduring something so fascinatingly distinctive.

Consisting of Chris Steberl on guitars, who showcases groovy riffery, excelling at some complex harmonies for enjoyable fulfillment. Caleb Hutslar on keyboards for more atmospheric euphony. The powerhouse of Matt Cistone on bass and Doug Bryant on drums, equally showcase dexterity in their contributions; efficiently pummeling their weapons to provide elegant instrumentation to the fullest. Consistently distributing an utmost unique style in their music; it's compelling to say that even without vocals, it's arguably musically enlightening to experience Metal in this form. However, on the other hand, things may feel grueling to endure a full-on instrumental record. 10 tracks of consistently driven riffery, ranging at around 48:06, warrants your instrumental entertainment absolutely. These talented individuals have unique composing in which demonstrates epic musicianship ultimately.

Opening with "Rio Da Duvida" showcasing Mozart-like intrigues, flourishes with flawless composing that elegantly sounds smooth and nice to the ear. The titular track, "Chasin' Voodoo", and "Crackerjack Style" element at more intriguing riffery with influences from JOE SATRIANI to fast scales of MALMSTEEM. "Strange Ave.", "Cher Chez Moi" & "At Any Rate" implements more shredding glory that unapologetically rock by all means. "City Of Shadows", "Wait Up" & "Saliv8" showcase the Prog balances while everything sounds solid and stellar in the meantime. Concluding with an instrumental cover of CREAM's "White Room", I personally had an utmost fulfilling time with this unprecedented discovery; one of the most unique listens I've had the pleasure to be acquainted with in 2016. "Chasin' Voodoo" is most certainly for everyone and was a surprising listen to say the least.

Metal Temple

Project Alcazar:"chasing voodoo" CD 29 th april 2016 Lion Music Records. Chris Steberl is an extraordinary player and decided to make his own solo album, playing the likes of Mozart with an easyness and flawless that makes it sounds smooth and nice to the ear. His talent joins at some point the jazzy style like Nili Brosh, the melodies style of Satriani, and the fast scales of Malmsteen.One track as a funny french title, 10 magic songs that will blow you away. This is for all the shredders and guitarist lovers 100/100 Metal Zone